Finer Equine Hat Bag

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Hand crafted in Britain, featuring genuine leather piping, our unique Hat Bag looks beautiful and performs brilliantly. Did you know that you should replace your hat in the event that it is dropped? This is because unseen damage might have occurred to the hat, meaning it might not work as designed and save your life when really needed. What makes our Hat Bag special is our innovative lining. It is densely padded with a high shock absorbing material. In the even that your hat is dropped, it reduces the risk of critical damage and the need to replace your hat. Your hat is designed to have a snug fit within the padding to to keep it securely in place. It has a stiff outer casing helping to further protect your hat and hold the sleek shape of the bag. It is covered in our signature waterproof material in French Navy. The inner lining wipes clean to help keep it fresh. It comes with a soft cotton shoulder strap OR it can be attached to our Boot Bag. The clever design of our zip means it is always easy to use, even around corners. We would strongly recommend your hat is checked even if it is dropped in our hat bag and we would always recommend your hat is checked or replaced in the event of an unprotected fall. Fillet string Extra tail loop for use in windy conditions High quality, heavy weight binding Machine washable